Challenging employment barriers

Igballa Syla is one of the 42 women who benefitted from the Resettlement Programme.
Igballa Syla is one of the 42 women who benefitted from the Resettlement Programme.

Coming from Bosnian community she is also one of the 72 minorities registered for reintegration assistance. At the age of 53 she is still willing to carry on with professional duties. Adding to that, Mrs. Syla commutes every day about 50 km from Mitrovicë/Mitrovica to Graçanicë/Gračanica where she works for the administration of the newly created Municipality.
She works there as a Legal Aid Assistant, a position which is similar to the one she held with the Personnel Office of the KPC for nearly 10 years. Mrs. Syla was assisted on two occasions. First, the Resettlement Programme helped her find a job suitable for her skills and supported the Municipality that employed her by subsidising her salary during the first six months of her contract. In addition, she was able to increase her computer skills by attending an extensive, specialised course. Secondly, with the Municipality keen to retain her excellent administrative skills and multi-lingual qualifications – Mrs Syla speaks fluently Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian and Turkish – another UNDP Project, Access to Justice, further supported her employment.
Performing her job with pride and a great sense of responsibility, Mrs. Syla emphasizes that she serves both Albanian and Serb communities in the multiethnic municipality: “It is a sensitive job as it requires attention but on the other hand gives me satisfaction to help other people in need to solve their legal problems,” With her determination to work and her positive attitude, Igballa Syla is an inspiration for younger generations.

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