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Gender in UNDP Kosovo

Making gender equality a reality is a core commitment of UNDP. Equality between women and men is just, fair and right - it is a worthy goal in and of itself, one that lies at the heart of human development and human rights. Gender inequality is an obstacle to human development and a violation of women's human rights. Gender discrimination is intimately entwined with endemic poverty, inequitable growth, high HIV prevalence, and failures of governance. UNDP, along with most other UN agencies and development actors, has adopted gender mainstreaming as the strategy for promoting gender equality through its work.more

Our Goals

In UNDP Kosovo, Gender is a cross-cutting component which ensures that the UNDP office mainstreams gender approaches in its programme delivery through analysis of UNDP publications and meetings to ensure mainstreaming with projects on a continual basis. more

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Our Stories

  • Igballa Syla is one of the 42 women who benefitted from the Resettlement Programme.

    Challenging employment barriers

    Coming from Bosnian community she is also one of the 72 minorities registered for reintegration assistance. At the age of 53 she is still willing tomore

Projects and Initiatives

Enhancing Woman's participation

Joint initiative of UNDP, UN Women and EU to ensure greater participation of women in peace building and post-conflict planning and supporting efforts to ensure the implementation of commitments on women, peace and security with a particular focus on ensuring greater participation and leadership of women in peace building and post-conflict recovery. more

Advancing Gender Justice

The Advancing Gender Justice project focuses on development of institutional and community capacities to ensure access to justice for all. The project places a particular emphasis on public participation and inclusion of vulnerable social groups and especially women. more

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Report

This report is a result of the 1st International Conference of Women Entrepreneurs held in Kosovo (28-29 October 2010) which brought together more than 170 participants.

At What Cost? Report

In Kosovo, domestic violence is among the most prevalent forms of gender-based violence. Institutions, organizations and a recently revised legal framework exist towards preventing domestic violence; protecting victims; prosecuting perpetrators; and rehabilitating victims, perpetrators and their children.

More Than Words Report

A deluge of obstacles still prevent victims of domestic violence from accessing
justice in Kosovo. Identifying challenges to implementing the existing legislation
can inform policy drafting processes and potentially amend current deficiencies.

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