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UNDP Kosovo has been accelerating the integration of gender dimensions in all sectors and strengthening its performance in delivering for women and men. All actions are framed within the UNDP Gender Equality Strategy and the UNDP 8 Point Agenda (SCR 1325).

Advancing gender security and justice remains the principal priority. Emphasis is also being placed on protecting women’s social, economic, political and cultural lives in a context of sustainable livelihoods. Targeted programmes promote the accountability of Government and institutions to implement gender sensitive laws and ensure that resource mobilization, aid coordination, budgeting and funds allocation are fully gender responsive. Finally, UNDP Kosovo aims to increase women’s roles in decision making.

UNDP Kosovo programmes contribute to women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming through:
• The Advancing Gender Justice project which focuses on development of institutional and community capacities to ensure access to justice for all. The project places a particular emphasis on public participation and inclusion of vulnerable social groups and especially women.
• The Gender Based Violence Programme implemented by five UN Agencies (OHCHR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women)that have joined their efforts, working in partnership with local partners to address the issues of domestic violence in three pilot municipalities.
• The second Women’s Safety and Security Initiative (WSSI Plus) which aims to enhance preventive and responsive services across the justice, security, social welfare, health and education sectors addressing the needs of women and men, young girls and young boys.

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