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Boosting youth employment in Kosovo

Almost one out of every two people in Kosovo is unemployed. For people 25 and younger, eight out of ten are unemployed.   Avni Gallopeni is a 25 year old a graphic designer with a university degree who looked for a job for three years.   “After several failures, one after another, I mademore


Doing Business with the Poor

Dreams happen for a reason – so they could be achieved one day. And for Labinot Gashi – an entrepreneur from the Rogova region in the outskirts of Gjakovë/Đakovica municipality – this dream started sometime in 2002 when he, with the help of family relatives, decided to start a business of poultry famore


How to Become a Driving Force: Kosovo Diaspora

Dependency on remittances in Kosovo remains substantial – with 25 per cent of households reporting reliance on remittances, a figure that is even higher among households in rural areas and those headed by women. The dependence on remittances as a paramount livelihood strategy is underscored by the fmore


Planting the Inclusivity Seed

Fruit and vegetable planting is an important part of everyday life, and has a deep impact on the daily needs of people in Kosovo. It is an important segment for economic development providing employment opportunities and income for more than 60 per cent of the households. According to the Kosovo Agrmore


Sheep farming - employment opportunity for the poor

24 Sep 2012

Thanks to Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) Kosovo, poor farmers that raise sheep now have a chance to improve their earnings by selling their wool to other companies – mainly to wool collecting sites in Ferizaj/Uroševac, Prizren and other regions of Kosovo. But more important than just earning money more

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