UNDP Programme for inclusive society in KosovoUNDP Programme for inclusive society in Kosovo

Job-rich growth and sustainable development

The UNDP's Sustainable Development Programme proposes an integrated approach that looks at the pace and patterns of growth as well as its implications in terms of equity and equality. It reaffirms the primacy of productive employment as the main vehicle for job-rich growth that ensures decent work opportunities for broad portions of individuals, households, and entrepreneurs in Kosovo. The UNDP's Sustainable Development Programme designs projects and interventions to promote economic opportunities, access to services, and participation for all people - paying special attention to vulnerable individuals and groups who are faced with multiple human insecurity challenges.

Marketable skills for better employment perspective

Kosovar women and men face obstacles to find jobs, not only due to insufficient job opportunities out there, but also because they often do not have any marketable skills or work experience or have the skills employers are not necessarily looking for. While the education and training institutions are working towards aligning the curricula with the labour market needs, UNDP uses several approaches, methodologies and techniques (both analytical and operational) that were developed and tested by UNDP through the implementation of one or multiple projects, and which can be adapted, combined, scaled-up, and transferred to other interventions. Such innovative interventions include the active labour market programmes and territorial employment pacts, designed and adopted to fit to local context and needs. These training and employment programmes equip women and men with vocational and transferrable skills needed in the labour market and gain work experience – an important element to out on one’s CV! 

Supporting private sector development to generate new jobs

Current growth rates in Kosovo can provide for employment opportunities for less than 30% of those entering the job market every year. In development countries where the economy is unable to generate enough jobs to absorb the labour force, measures such as self-employment and business start-up are promoted. Similarly, we adopted such measures to Kosovo needs and support establishment of new innovative businesses operating in economic sectors with growth potential. Entrepreneurship training, grants and mentorship is provided to young women and men who are courageous and willing to enter the world of business by which secure jobs and better lives for themselves and their families but also generate work opportunities for the community as they grow. Beneficiaries include remittance recipient families who instead of consumption and dependency from remittances want to develop a sustainable income source by investing in opening a business. UNDP works with small and micro entrepreneurs to gain from the opportunities generated by transport corridors through the provision of market information and targeted capacity development activities. Enterprises benefit from specialized trainings, business matchmaking in Kosovo and abroad, and business support services aiming at enhancing competitiveness and export. UNDP Sustainable Development Programme partners with private sector companies for more than a decade and jointly have provided opportunities to thousands of young women and men to gain skills through training and apprenticeship at the workplace and facilitated job placement.      

Enhanced productivity for increased generation of income

Agriculture and rural entrepreneurship can be a solid means of income for Kosovars who are willing to work the land. We work with smallholder, family-based farmers and producers to increase productivity, develop new capacities in best practices in agriculture and economic and rural development, as well as business to business networking and other advisory services. In this regard, UNDP with its partners offers in-kind or financial grants to individual farmers or business initiatives to upgrade farms or production units with new tools, materials, or equipment in order to create additional jobs, strengthen income generation, and contribute to import substitution of agricultural products in Kosovo with the aim of reducing the heavily negative trade balance Kosovo has. Moreover, farmers and producers receive complementary training and advisory services in quality standards and management systems, export and marketing guides, or cultivation of specific agricultural produce, and have better opportunities and access to analytical work to link themselves better to specific value chains in Kosovo. UNDP also supports relevant Kosovo institutions with technical assistance and policy recommendations such as various information systems and platforms for more evidence-based policy making, papers on evaluation of the impact of policies, competitiveness reports, reports on potential export markets and more, as well as capacity development of local and central-level officials within relevant rural development departments and units.

Relevant SDGs:

The Sustainable Development programme directly promotes:

§  SDG1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere - through income generation and socioeconomic empowerment of women and men at risk of social and economic exclusion.

§  SDG5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls - via specific measures to empower women through skills development, access to employment opportunities, strengthened participation in public processes.

§  SDG8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all - a central element of the programme, creating decent and targeted skills development, employment, and productivity improving opportunities.

§  SDG10: Reduce inequality within and among countries - via closing the income gap as well as skills and opportunity gaps among Kosovo communities, particularly with regards to women and men representation, non-majority community inclusion, or rural vs. urban communities.

§  SDG16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies - through improved public service delivery and streamlining of participatory approaches of central institutions and local governments vis-à-vis the citizenry, civil society, or the private sector, as well as inter-ethnic dialogue and peaceful cohabitation on the local level.




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