Lorik Cana – Champion of the Millennium Development Goals

Lorik receives MDG Certificate
Lorik receives MDG Certificate

Lorik Cana, the famous Kosovar football player has accepted the invitation of UNDP Kosovo to become the promoter of the Millennium Development Goals. He will hold the “MDG Champion” title and will advocate on their importance. In a big media ceremony that concluded a very successful year for UNDP Kosovo, UNDP Resident Representative, Frode Mauring awarded Lorik Cana with the “MDG Champion” certificate.

In his speech Mr. Mauring said that UNDP together with other UN Agencies are committed towards fulfilling the MDGs but in order to achieve the goals dedication and cooperation of Kosovars is needed. Lorik Cana, on the other hand, said that that he is proud that UNDP entrusted him to be representative and promoter of MDGs in Kosovo. “I will do my best to use all my capacities and knowledge to contribute towards achieving these goals on behalf of people of Kosovo”, said Cana .

Participants at the event were able to watch a video spot that was exclusively prepared for the MDG campaign featuring Lorik Cana. This spot will be broadcast in all three national TV stations in Kosovo. After the ceremony, Lorik Cana together with Frode Mauring , visited SOS Kinderdorf children’s village where a number of children who are abandoned, social cases of with special needs, live.

Zoran Ristic - Champion of the Millennium Development Goals

Mr. Ristic receiving MDG Certificate
Zoran becomes 2nd MDG Champion in Kosovo

Mr. Zoran Ristic, a well known theatre director, was nominated as the Kosovo Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Champion at a ceremony organized by UNDP on Thursday, 23 October 2008. His nomination follows few days after Kosovo Assembly endorsed the Millennium Declaration.
In his speech, Mr. Frode Mauring, the UNDP Resident Representative, said that the Assembly of Kosovo pledged institutional care for addressing MDG, but that achieving these goals is not entirely dependent on governing institutions.
‘Life has shown that with great courage and determination, we, individuals can become powerful agents of change’ said Mauring adding ‘there is one example which I wanted to share with you – the establishment of a small theatre in Lapnaselo. This institution of art has become the symbol of change, ability to overcome challenges, and a lesson for all of us: where people’s dedication persists, there are breakthroughs’.
Mr. Ristic vowed to fight for the welfare of all people in Kosovo and to continue promoting culture and art as means of highlighting needs for achieving MDG’s. He is Kosovo’s second MDG’s Champion after last year’s nomination of the popular Kosovo-born football player Lorik Cana.

Arta Dobroshi - Champion of the Millennium Development Goals

on Her speech at AUK
Arta Dobroshi, MDG Champion attends the presentation of awards for MDG essays.

UNDP Kosovo office crowned last years’ activities with the last event of the season, the announcement of Arta Dobroshi, the latest MDG Champion for UNDP Kosovo. The event took place on Wednesday, 24 December, at UNDP, starting at 11:00.   Arta Dobroshi, Kosovo actress, has accepted the honour of becoming the promoter of the Millennium Development Goals advocating on the importance of achieving these goals in Kosovo by 2015.

She now holds the “MDG Champion” title and joins Lorik Cana, the famous football player, and Zoran Ristic, a theatre director, in the fight against poverty, achieving primary education, improving health of children and mothers, empowering women, fighting infectious diseases, protecting the environment and promoting global partnerships.   UNDP Resident Representative, Frode Mauring, awarded Arta Dobroshi the “MDG Champion” certificate, which officially nominated her for the post.

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