Our Stories

  • Engaging the Youth in Discussions on Human Development and Gender Equality
    Jul 24, 2015

    This educational program aims to bring together local and international professors and lecturers to contribute their knowledge in the field of humanities, social and natural sciences, engineering, etc. through courses, workshops, public discussions and lectures.

  • ALMP Continues to Support Employment
    Jan 29, 2015

    Priorities of ALMP2 activities during 2015 include the support of the establishment and functionalization of the Kosovo Employment Agency, the support of preparation of a feasibility analysis for the establishment of the Employment Fund, and also the piloting of the self-employment programme

  • Migration, a Force for Development
    Sep 30, 2014

    The United Nations Development Programme launched the eighth Human Development Report for Kosovo titled Migration as a Force for Development

  • Second Human Development School Successfully Completes its Journey

    The constructive debate conducted by civil society, Academia, Businesses, Government Representatives and UN Agencies resulted in fruitful suggestions for UNDP Kosovo future Initiatives regarding private sector and employment.

  • UNDP discusses Kosovo HDR Findings and Recommendations with Experts

    The second Human Development Spring School hosted 25 selected students from different Universities in Kosovo who, during the ten day course, attended lectures of local and international experts

  • Blogging is a style of writing/communicating that enables UNDP Kosovo to share its knowledge with all Kosovans. Blogs should be simple, straightforward and reader friendly. They should furthermore capture everyone’s attention while providing all the facts and stimulating interesting questions and insights. Blogging is a form of communication and a way that connects one another. It is a process of teaching and learning, and a powerful way that promotes interaction, and encourages new and innovative ideas, thus, providing a foundation to influence and change people’s minds and opinions.