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The objective of the Kosovo Human Development reports is research that stimulates public debates and improves policymaking. The overall aims are wider than merely producing a report, and include offering a practical resource to policymakers, as well as building the capacity of national researchers and academia for human-development-related research.

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Up to date, UNDP Kosovo has published seven national Human Development Reports. Currently, UNDP Kosovo is working on the eighth report that will discuss trends in mobility and Kosovo Diaspora and how they influence Kosovo’s long-term development. more

What Is Human Development?

The UNDP Kosovo animation video "What is human development?" explains and promotes sustainable human development. Sustainable human development means the creation of the same opportunities for a life with dignity for all people and next generations.more

Our Stories

  • UNDP discusses preliminary KHDR 2014 results

    UNDP Discusses Preliminary Results of KHDR 2014

    The constructive debate conducted by civil society, Academia, Businesses, Government Representatives and UN Agencies resulted in fruitful suggestions for UNDP Kosovo future Initiatives regarding private sector and employment.more

Projects and Initiatives

Diaspora coming back

Kosovo Human Development Report 2014

Human development is about expansion of people’s freedom. Freedom is the set of opportunities to pursue a life plan and to achieve goals as well as the possibility to choose with autonomy. From the human development point of view, voluntary migration flows are on one hand indicators of the degree of freedom people enjoy and on the other hand indicators of their unhappiness living in their origin country. Kosovo has experienced migration throughout history. At present, it is estimated that more than 30% of people born in Kosovo reside outside its territory. more

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Kosovo Human Development Reports
Kosovo Human Development Report 2012

Private Sector and Employment addresses one of Kosovo’s deepest post-conflict challenges – the capacity of the economy to provide jobs and growth. The desire for decent work is one of the most basic of all human needs. To the average Kosovan family, decent work means more nutritious food on the table, a better house to live in, better health and more freedoms.

Kosovo Human Development Report 2010

It examines exclusion as it affects Kosovans reaching for education and a basic standard of health. Finally, it looks at how gaps in these sectors are influencing public trust and eroding participation in Kosovo’s hard-won democratic process.

Kosovo Human Development Report 2008

After a close look at what “civil society” and what “development,” mean, the report goes on to explore the history of civil society in Kosovo, its legal context, and ways it can influence public policy.

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