There cannot be inclusive growth in Kosovo without local administrations, entrepreneurs, farmers, and communities deploying their energies and resources in a coordinated way, networking together to overcome specific development challenges in their territory. While development potentials exist (particularly in agri-business and related value chains), no strong service institutions are present at municipal/local level. People have great difficulties in accessing employment opportunities, economic circuits and regular markets, business services and credit. UNDP’s Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development programme has been supporting farmers and producers throughout Kosovo to increase productivity, develop new capacities in best practices in agriculture and economic and rural development, as well as business to business networking and other advisory services. The primary objective of the report is the provision of a high quality piece of research, which stimulates public discussion and improves policymaking in the field of agriculture and rural development. A Human Development perspective is going to permeate the report in order to maintain a focus on the people and their quality of life. Yet the overall aims are wider than merely producing a report, and include offering a practical resource to policymakers, and building the capacity of national researchers, through exposure to analysis of an international standard.