Environment, climate change, and disaster resilience

Environmental degradation is a significant development challenge, as Kosovo institutions have insufficient capacities to deal with environmental problems. In this regard the environment part of the programme will focus on developing capacities to address the impact of environmental degradation and climate change (in a gender-sensitive manner) at both central and local level. UNDP sees as a priority to help Kosovo authorities at central and local levels to improve the management and conservation of natural resources, with gender considerations applied at every stage.

Our Goals

The legal and regulatory framework for mitigation and adaptation to the impact of climate change is an important part of Kosovo's agenda towards European integration; as a first step, UNDP provides support for the roll out of the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory management system, that will provide the baseline for the policy and for the preparation of specific actions and projects for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. View More

Support to protection of Environment in Kosovo

through sustainable growth, creative solutions to the challenges of environmental degradation, waste management, air pollution and climate change

Our Stories

  • The project raised awareness on the importance of using the free emergency number

    Raising Awareness on 112 Emergency Number

    For the second time in a row Kosovo celebrated the European Emergency Number 112 Day, this time focusing more on childrenmore

Projects and Initiatives

Enabling transboundary cooperation and integrated water resources management in the White Drin and the extended Drin Basin

The project goal is to promote the joint management of the shared water resources of the White Drin Basin as part of the planned activities to foster joint management of the transboundary Drin River Basin more

Support for Low Emission Development in Kosovo

The project aims to support the Government of Kosovo to mainstream climate change concerns into sectoral and overall Kosovo’s development priorities more

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Climate Change Report

Kosovo aspires to become eligible to receive support from international mechanisms, including the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protoco

Climate Change Workshop Report

The main objective of the workshop was to follow-up on the CCC outcomes, and to identify in more detail the needs of Kosovo to respond to environmental and climate change challenges.

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