Protection of Kosovo natural resourcesUNDP supports the establishment of the first national park in the Sharr mountains


The legal and regulatory framework for environmental management is an important part of Kosovo's agenda towards European integration. UNDP provide support to advance Kosovo’s agenda in climate change and disaster risk reduction as well as to promote the sound management of natural resources. Moreover, UNDP also supports initiatives in environment and health issues and raise awareness of the importance of clean and healthy environment.

The Support for Low Emission Development in Kosovo (SLED) project advances the climate change agenda in Kosovo. The project’s first phase supported the Kosovo institutions to develop the Kosovo Climate Change Strategy and conducted various assessments on effects of climate change in different spheres of society. The second phase is now underway to further reduce climate-change related vulnerability in Kosovo. The Kosovo Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative (KDRRI) project provided much needed support to develop the Kosovo Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and foster the importance of risk-informed development and preventative measures against disasters. Now the succeeding project (Disaster Resilience Initiative Support for Kosovo: D-RISK) project has been launched to enhance risk governance for preparedness and response capacities. The Enabling transboundary cooperation and integrated water resources management in the White Drin and the extended Drin Basin project promotes the joint management of the shared water resources of the White Drin Basin as part of the planned activities to foster joint management of the transboundary Drin River Basin. The Support for the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) project supported activities to address various environmental issues such as greenhouse gas inventory, energy efficiency, industrial pollutions and environment and health.


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