Conflict Prevention, Community Stabilization and support to Local Economic Development in North Kosovo region

Project Summary

The project assists in dissipating inter-community tensions and reduces potential for conflict by promoting co-operation on development in north Kosovo.

What do we want to achieve

The project supports directly the diminishing of tensions between communities and reduce potential for conflict by promoting co-operation and local development in the region of northern Kosovo. Carefully targeted confidence building activities, with focus on local economic development and environmental sustainability, support discussion and actions addressing the development priorities of shared concerns between different communities.


• Three Mitrovicë/a region opinion polls conducted that provide a clear understanding of the perception of people living in the region. Two opinion polls disseminated and discussed. Analytical results were disaggregated by gender and ethnicity. 2,400 interviewed (52% female and 48 % male);
• Aid effectiveness evaluation delivered to the northern municipalities of Kosovo;   
• Value chain analysis conducted and utilized to support economic development. 34 beneficiaries and stakeholders consulted;
• Business training conducted for 20 beneficiaries. 3 small scale individual grants delivered;
• Potential for conflict and security disturbances decreased through support to the development of local economic development strategies targeting all communities, in order to promote trade linkages between communities. Drafts of Local Economic Development strategies provided to Municipalities of Mitrovicë/a South Zveçan/Zvečan, and Leposaviq/ć, followed by draft of Sector development plan to Zubin Potok.
• A Community-Based Environmental Action Plan produced, covering Mitrovicë/a North and South, and Zveçan/Zvečan areas. Legislation analyses and framework for control of waterway pollution conducted;
• North-South dialogue and co-operation facilitated on social, economic and environmental issues of common interest. 4 dialogue events successfully completed.

Donor Information

627,513.00 USD
Belgium   25,000.00 Euro


Project Duration
January 2013 - December 2014
Geographic Coverage
Mitrovicë/a Region
Focus Area
Sustainable Development
Local Authorities
Business Advisory Centres
Women and Youth
Local institutions
Civil Society Organisations
Private Sector
Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
UNV Programme
Boban Simić
Regional Project Manager
Phone: +381 28 664 643
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