Diaspora Engagement in Economic Development (phase 1)

Project Summary

The project aims to increase the opportunities for Kosovans living abroad to participate in the economic development of Kosovo.

What do we want to achieve

The project is jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It aims to increase the opportunities for Kosovans living abroad to participate in the economic development of Kosovo by facilitating investment of remittances in job and enterprise creation instead of pure consumption, in particular:
• Banking and other financial services for sending and receiving remittances will be used by Kosovans regardless of age, location or gender;
• A 3% increase of households in Kosovo that have at least one bank account is expected;
• Strategy on diaspora and possible other evidence-based policies will be implemented by Kosovo authorities.


• Feasibility analyses to identify financial services that will reduce the cost of remittance transfers and help to channel remittances to investments, savings and job-creation;
• Awareness-raising campaigns and financial literacy trainings, seminars and workshops to remittance recipients and senders;
• A Private Sector Forum, aiming exploration of the linkages between private sector and remittances for development purposes;
• An International Guarantee Fund model;
• Technical assistance to the Ministry of Diaspora in drafting the Strategy on Diaspora, and particularly in policies  aiming towards economic development;
• Two Kosovo Remittance Studies conducted; the second one jointly with the Kosovo Agency of Statistics.

Remittance Study 2013




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Donor Information

Donor Amount
Government of Finland 1,125,382.00 Euro
   116,000.00 Euro
TOTAL  1,241,382.00 Euro
Project Duration
March 2011 - June 2014
Geographic Coverage
Kosovo wide
Focus Area
Sustainable Development
Remittance receiving households
Kosovo Diaspora
Private Sector Companies
Relevant government authorities in Kosovo
Bankers’ Association Kosovo (BAK) Private companies in Kosovo Economic Associations in Kosovo Diaspora Business Networks
Ardian Spahiu
Project Manager
Phone: +381 38 240 009 ext.112
Yllka Gerdovci
Programme Analyst/Portfolio Manager
Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development
Phone: +381 38 249 066 ext. 315
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