Active Labour Market Programmes for Youth

Project Summary

The project supports Kosovo citizens, mainly young people, to find a job through  supporting Kosovo institutions to design strategic documents and policies and  providing training and internship opportunities.

What do we want to acheive

The project’s main purpose is to support Kosovo citizens, mainly young people, in finding a job. The project is achieving this through:
• Supporting Kosovo institutions to design strategic documents and policies that aim to better equip young people with the skills needed in the labour market;
• Providing training and internship opportunities to disadvantaged jobseekers, in partnership with the employment offices, vocational training centres and private companies.  Through this approach, young people get the chance to have the first contact with the world of work, learn new skills and create their own employment networks.


• Labour Market Institutions have increased capacities to provide individualized employment assistance;
• Significant input provided to the development of the Kosovo Employment Strategy;
• Various training measures designed and implemented based on Operational Guidelines developed in cooperation with MLSW;
• 11,383 jobseekers have attended training measures and were awarded certificate of completion;
• Participation of young women is above 50%;
• Participation of other most vulnerable groups is around 20%;
• Based on external impact evaluations, about 50% of beneficiaries found sustainable employment;
• Employment services, registration of unemployed and management system are now computerized.

Donor Information

100,000 US$
Kos.Government 657,906.20 US$
Government of Norway 3,676,171.01 US$
Spain 12,000.00 US$
Government of Denmark 18,657.00 US$
TOTAL 4,464,734.21 US$
Project Duration
2005 - 2014
Geographic Coverage
Kosovo wide
Focus Area
Sustainable Development
Women and men jobseekers
Vocational Education Students
Readmitted persons
People with Disabilities
Private Enterprises
Labour Market Institutions
Vocational Education Schools
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Private sector
NGOs and Associations
Ada Shima
Project Manager
Phone: +381 38 221 961 ext. 106
Active Labour Market Infographic

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