Sustainable Development

  •  Active Labour Market Programmes 2Active Labour Market Programmes 2ALMP 2 builds on long-standing UNDP achievements in supporting Kosovo citizens, with particular focus on vulnerable young men and women, to find a job or establish a new venture through supporting Kosovo institutions in designing strategic, evidence-based policies and programmes, and providing on-the-job training, as well as grants and consultancy to foster self-employment opportunities.

  •  Aid for TradeAid for TradeThe project aims to improve implementation of pro-poor trade reforms and trade capacity development measures, with a focus on capacity gaps, and technical assistance to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

  • Local-level Response for Employment Generation and Integrated Territorial Development InterdevLocal-level Response for Employment Generation and Integrated Territorial Development InterdevThe project aims to create individual and institutional capacities in the municipalities of Dragash/Dragaš and Shtërpcë/Štrpce and further strengthen Suharekë/Suva Reka municipality’s capacities to facilitate economic empowerment and job creation for individuals at risk of economic and social exclusion.

  • Diaspora Engagement in Economic DevelopmentDiaspora Engagement in Economic DevelopmentThe project aims to increase the opportunities for Kosovans living abroad to participate in the economic development of Kosovo.

  • Rapid Response to Community Stabilization (phase 2)Rapid Response to Community Stabilization (phase 2)The main aim of this project is provide means for non-majority communities to support their livelihoods, cultural or community life and also to strengthen the inter-community dialogue

  • Developing Capacities for Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Skills Development in KosovoDeveloping Capacities for Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Skills Development in KosovoThe overall goal is to enable more Kosovar women to receive well-coordinated vocational education and training (VET) for the skills that are demanded by the job market

  • Support to LED in Northern Kosovo: COMPLETEDSupport to LED in Northern Kosovo: COMPLETEDThe project assists in dissipating inter-community tensions and reduces potential for conflict by promoting co-operation on development in north Kosovo.

  • Building a Better Future for Citizens of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje and Obiliq/ć: COMPLETEDBuilding a Better Future for Citizens of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje and Obiliq/ć: COMPLETEDThe project aims to decrease vulnerability and human security risks in the targeted municipalities and enhance municipal competencies for better service delivery to all citizens.

  • ALMP 1: COMPLETEDALMP 1: COMPLETEDThe project supports Kosovo citizens, mainly young people, to find a job through supporting Kosovo institutions to design strategic documents and policies and providing training and internship opportunities.

  • ABD: COMPLETEDABD: COMPLETEDThe programme addresses complex development challenges in Mitrovicë/a North and South, and Zvečan/ Zveçan areas. It ensures empowerment and inclusion of local communities through economic development, improves human security and stability, and supports communities and local authorities in delivering of social services.

  • Support to Use of Languages: COMPLETEDSupport to Use of Languages: COMPLETEDThe project provides technical support to strengthen the capacity of the Office of Communities and the Office of the Language Commissioner to implement the Law on the Use of Languages.

OUR WORK - Sustainable Development

UNDP's Sustainable Development Programme focuses on the development of analytical and operational TOOLS that support Kosovo's journey towards broad-based economic and human development. Social inclusion, productive employment, and sustainable development are not straightforward by-products of economic growth policies. On the contrary, policy makers need to intentionally shape and channel market forces into context-specific interventions that may lead to large positive welfare impacts for those who are mostly affected by inequality and exclusion.

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The Resident Coordinator Annual Report includes a letter to the Secretary-General summarizing what the team has been working on and highlighting significant achievements, a results table and an annual work plan for the following year.

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