Our Projects

Inclusive Growth

Democratic Governance

  • Advancing Gender JusticeAdvancing Gender JusticeThe Advancing Gender Justice project focuses on development of institutional and community capacities to ensure access to justice for all. The project places a particular emphasis on public participation and inclusion of vulnerable social groups and especially women.

  • Capacity Development Facility for Institutional ReformCapacity Development Facility for Institutional ReformThe Capacity Development Facility for Institutional Reform project works to strengthen individual and organizational capacities of the Kosovo government to meet the challenges deriving from the European integration process.

  • Strengthening Disaster Resilience of at Risk MunicipalitiesStrengthening Disaster Resilience of at Risk MunicipalitiesThe overall aim of the Strengthening Disaster Resilience of at Risk Municipalities project is to strengthen the capacities of vulnerable and at-risk municipalities to cope with natural hazards and disasters.

  • UN Joint Programme on Domestic Violence in KosovoUN Joint Programme on Domestic Violence in KosovoFive UN Agencies (OHCHR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women) have joined their efforts to help the survivors of domestic violence, and support municipalities, service delivery institutions and civil society organisations to develop their capacities in order to effectively address the phenomenon of domestic violence.

  • Kosovo Small Arms Control Initiative (KOSSAC)Kosovo Small Arms Control Initiative (KOSSAC)The project supports Kosovo institutions to control the widespread possession and circulation of small arms and light weapons (SALW) in accordance with UN, OSCE and EU standards

  • Parliamentary Development for Social PoliciesParliamentary Development for Social PoliciesThe project is developing the capacities of the Assembly - MPs, Women and Youth Caucus Groups and administrative staff - to deliver socially-inclusive policies and legislation.

  • Support to Judicial EducationSupport to Judicial EducationThe project supports continuous legal education for judges, including women judges strengthening an independent and effective justice system for Kosovo, which protects and promotes human rights standards, ensuring better access to justice for all citizens

  • Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kosovo (SAEK)Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kosovo (SAEK)The project, through an innovative and holistic approach towards anti-corruption, aims to strengthen institutional transparency, accountability and integrity, with a particular focus on empowering citizens and access to information.

  • Social Media for Innovative Local EmpowermentSocial Media for Innovative Local EmpowermentThrough the project, UNDP is supporting municipalities in using social media tools to make local government more attractive, approachable and open for youth in order to build bridges between local government and young people by utilizing the potential of social media platforms and mobile phone technologies.

  • Women’s Safety and Security InitiativeWomen’s Safety and Security InitiativeThe project supports the implementation of the legal framework addressing domestic violence, of the strategy against domestic violence, and the strategy against trafficking in human beings.

  • Public Administration ReformPublic Administration ReformThe project provides high-level policy advice, guidance, technical, and capacity development support for the implementation of the Public Administration Strategy and Action Plan. It will support the Ministry of Public Administration on the process of developing policies and legal instruments which support the implementation of PAR as a technical process.

  • Public PulsePublic PulsePublic Pulse is a successor to the Kosovo Early Warning project and continues to work on research and analysis of important issues and provide opinions and perceptions of citizens on the performance of the government of Kosovo and other public Institutions.

  • Support to strengthening the rule of law in KosovoSupport to strengthening the rule of law in KosovoThe Rule of Law Project works towards strengthening an independent and effective justice system for Kosovo, which protects and promotes human rights standards with special focus on vulnerable groups (women, minorities), ensuring better access to justice for all citizens, aiming to achieve the overall outcome of supporting the judicial education in Kosovo

  • Support to stabilization and association agreementSupport to stabilization and association agreement

  • Support to transitional justice in KosovoSupport to transitional justice in KosovoThe STJK will support and facilitate the work of project partners in drafting a “national strategy” on dealing with the past and reconciliation that includes those transitional justice mechanisms they see most suitable for Kosovo

  • Support to northern municipalitiesSupport to northern municipalities

Environmental Sustainability

  • Sustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/Dragaš MunicipalitySustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/Dragaš MunicipalityThe project is improving livelihoods of the local people through protection of natural resources; promoting local resources; improving capacities of farmers and producers; improving energy efficiency; and good governance and better gender equality.

  • Art GoldArt GoldThe project supports the Municipality in Integrating the ART approach and methodology into Municipal planning processes; identifying and facilitating the implementing process of Quick Impact Projects; and establishing decentralized cooperation networks.

  • Support for the Ministry of Environment ProjectSupport for the Ministry of Environment ProjectThe project is assisting the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) in establishing a solid legal and institutional framework for environmental policymaking in Kosovo, environmental protection, and in addressing the climate change challenges.

  • Support for Low Emission Development in KosovoSupport for Low Emission Development in KosovoThe project aims to support the Government of Kosovo to mainstream climate change concerns into sectoral and overall Kosovo’s development priorities.

  • Kosovo Disaster Risk Reduction InitiativeKosovo Disaster Risk Reduction InitiativeKosovo’s economy, population, and environment are moderately exposed and highly vulnerable to natural hazards. Climate change is expected to amplify exposure to meteorological hazards. The objective of this project (2013-2015) is to reduce disaster and climate risks in Kosovo and thus contribute to the attainment of country development strategies and the Millennium Development Goals.

Women's Empowerment

  • Enhancing Woman's participationEnhancing Woman's participationThe project is a joint initiative of UNDP, UN Women and EU to ensure greater participation of women in peace building and post-conflict planning and supporting efforts to ensure the implementation of commitments on women, peace and security with a particular focus on ensuring greater participation and leadership of women in peace building and post-conflict recovery.

Human Development

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2015 - 2016Kosovo Human Development Report 2015 - 2016Health is recognized as a human right. It is a precondition for and an outcome and indicator of all three dimensions of human development: environmental-, economic- and social sustainability. A well-performing public health system can help tackle the social determinants and improve health equity. Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe. Improved public health and health care services increase the overall level of productivity in the economy and employment and additionally help to reduce poverty. At present, the Kosovo public health infrastructure is considered to be one of the most underdeveloped in the Balkan region and some of the worst public health results in Europe can be found in Kosovo. UNDP Kosovo’s recent crowdsourcing initiative determined that Kosovars prioritize “public health” as one of the most pressing challenges.