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Inclusive Growth

  • ABD: CLOSEDABD: CLOSEDThe programme addresses complex development challenges in Mitrovicë/a North and South, and Zvečan/ Zveçan areas. It ensures empowerment and inclusion of local communities through economic development, improves human security and stability, and supports communities and local authorities in delivering of social services.

  • ALMP 1: CLOSEDALMP 1: CLOSEDThe project supports Kosovo citizens, mainly young people, to find a job through supporting Kosovo institutions to design strategic documents and policies and providing training and internship opportunities.

  • Active Labour Market Programmes 2Active Labour Market Programmes 2ALMP 2 builds on long-standing UNDP achievements in supporting Kosovo citizens, with particular focus on vulnerable young men and women, to find a job or establish a new venture through supporting Kosovo institutions in designing strategic, evidence-based policies and programmes, and providing on-the-job training, as well as grants and consultancy to foster self-employment opportunities.

  • Aid for TradeAid for TradeThe project aims to improve implementation of pro-poor trade reforms and trade capacity development measures, with a focus on capacity gaps, and technical assistance to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

  • Building a Better Future for Citizens of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje and Obiliq/ć: CLOSEDBuilding a Better Future for Citizens of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje and Obiliq/ć: CLOSEDThe project aims to decrease vulnerability and human security risks in the targeted municipalities and enhance municipal competencies for better service delivery to all citizens.

Democratic Governance

  • Advancing Gender Justice: CLOSEDAdvancing Gender Justice: CLOSEDThe Advancing Gender Justice project focuses on development of institutional and community capacities to ensure access to justice for all. The project places a particular emphasis on public participation and inclusion of vulnerable social groups and especially women.

  • CDF for Institutional Reform: CLOSEDCDF for Institutional Reform: CLOSEDThe Capacity Development Facility for Institutional Reform project works to strengthen individual and organizational capacities of the Kosovo government to meet the challenges deriving from the European integration process.

  • Confidence Building through Cultural Protection in KosovoConfidence Building through Cultural Protection in KosovoThe project will directly engage Community representatives in the renovation and protection of their own living space, particularly when these communities host sites of religious and cultural significance for other communities

  • Firearms and explosives Risk Mitigation project (FERM)Firearms and explosives Risk Mitigation project (FERM)The project; which is the follow up of the Kosovo Small Arms Control (KOSSAC) project aims to support the Kosovo stakeholders in controlling the widespread illegal possession and circulation of small arms and light weapons and through a risk based management and evidence based approach to minimize the risks of these weapons and explosive materials

  • GBV: CLOSEDGBV: CLOSEDFive UN Agencies (OHCHR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women) have joined their efforts to help the survivors of domestic violence, and support municipalities, service delivery institutions and civil society organisations to develop their capacities in order to effectively address the phenomenon of domestic violence.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Sustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/Dragaš Municipality: CLOSEDSustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/Dragaš Municipality: CLOSEDThe project is improving livelihoods of the local people through protection of natural resources; promoting local resources; improving capacities of farmers and producers; improving energy efficiency; and good governance and better gender equality.

  • Art Gold: CLOSEDArt Gold: CLOSEDThe project supports the Municipality in Integrating the ART approach and methodology into Municipal planning processes; identifying and facilitating the implementing process of Quick Impact Projects; and establishing decentralized cooperation networks.

  • Support for the Ministry of Environment Project: CLOSEDSupport for the Ministry of Environment Project: CLOSEDThe project is assisting the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) in establishing a solid legal and institutional framework for environmental policymaking in Kosovo, environmental protection, and in addressing the climate change challenges.

  • Support for Low Emission Development in KosovoSupport for Low Emission Development in KosovoThe project aims to support the Government of Kosovo to mainstream climate change concerns into sectoral and overall Kosovo’s development priorities.

  • Kosovo Disaster Risk Reduction InitiativeKosovo Disaster Risk Reduction InitiativeKosovo’s economy, population, and environment are moderately exposed and highly vulnerable to natural hazards. Climate change is expected to amplify exposure to meteorological hazards. The objective of this project (2013-2015) is to reduce disaster and climate risks in Kosovo and thus contribute to the attainment of country development strategies and the Millennium Development Goals.

Women's Empowerment

  • Enhancing Woman's participation: CLOSEDEnhancing Woman's participation: CLOSEDThe project is a joint initiative of UNDP, UN Women and EU to ensure greater participation of women in peace building and post-conflict planning and supporting efforts to ensure the implementation of commitments on women, peace and security with a particular focus on ensuring greater participation and leadership of women in peace building and post-conflict recovery.

Human Development

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2015Kosovo Human Development Report 2015Human Development is about creating an environment where people are able to have a dignified life and having a decent job is one of the fundamental needs for a healthy socio-economic environment. In the context of Kosovo, employment means nutritious food on the table, a better house to live in, better health, access to education and greater personal freedom. Despite the continuing positive rates of economic growth each year, Kosovo’s economy faces challenges in creating employment opportunities for its citizens. The main employment indicators, measured by the Labour Force Survey (LFS) remain unpromising. The unemployment rate continues to be above 30%, having a higher impact on young women and men (61%). The same data show that long-term unemployment and inactivity rates remain very high. However, to better understand the causes of these negative indicators in the labour market, UNDP is seeking to analyse further the long-term unemployment, the large group of Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs), the high inactivity rate and youth unemployment based on the datasets available.

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