Our Projects

Sustainable Development

  •  Active Labour Market Programmes 2

    ALMP 2 builds on long-standing UNDP achievements in supporting Kosovo citizens, with particular focus on vulnerable young men and women, to find a job or establish a new venture through supporting Kosovo institutions in designing strategic, evidence-based policies and programmes, and providing on-the-job training, as well as grants and consultancy to foster self-employment opportunities.

  • Integrated Territorial Development 2 (InTerDev 2)

    INTERDEV2 addresses some of the paramount challenges citizens of not only the partner municipalities, but of Kosovo in general, face: high rate and long spells of unemployment, lack of decent income generation, poor public services, as well as socioeconomic exclusion of women, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

  • Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans (ReLOaD)

    ReLOaD will improve cooperation between local governments and CSOs, while strengthening capacities of all relevant stakeholders to engage more productively in such partnerships. Importantly, the Project will work on introducing and sustaining a transparent, development-oriented and project-based approach to funding of CSOs by local government budgets that contributes to realization of local priorities in line with development strategies.

  • Diaspora Engagement in Economic Development (phase 2)

    The project aims to enhance the contribution of diaspora to poverty reduction in the short-term and to sustainable, gender equitable local economic development in the long-run through facilitating and encouraging investment and saving behaviour among migrants and remittance-receiving households.

  • Support to Implementation of the Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo

    The objective of UNDP’s component is to develop capacities for forest management in the northern municipalities as well as identify and build the skills of potential beneficiaries

Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding

  • Kosovo Safety and Security Project

    KSSP is a holistic security approach aiming to support the development of the relevant legal framework, strategies, and action plans. This will result in various outcomes focused on small arms control, safer communities and preventing violent extremism.

  • Support to transitional justice in Kosovo: COMPLETED

    The STJK will support and facilitate the work of project partners in drafting a “national strategy” on dealing with the past and reconciliation that includes those transitional justice mechanisms they see most suitable for Kosovo

  • Firearms and explosives Risk Mitigation project (FERM)

    The project; which is the follow up of the Kosovo Small Arms Control (KOSSAC) project aims to support the Kosovo stakeholders in controlling the widespread illegal possession and circulation of small arms and light weapons and through a risk based management and evidence based approach to minimize the risks of these weapons and explosive materials

  • Support to stabilization and association agreement: COMPLETED
  • Public Administration Reform: COMPLETED

    The project provides high-level policy advice, guidance, technical, and capacity development support for the implementation of the Public Administration Strategy and Action Plan. It will support the Ministry of Public Administration on the process of developing policies and legal instruments which support the implementation of PAR as a technical process.

Environment, Climate and Disaster Resilience

  • SPECIES- Sustainable Environmental Civil Society Sector

    Empower the civil society in Kosovo at solving local environmental issues with potential regional/global impacts and socio-economic benefits for the communities ensuring gender equality, multicultural/multiethnic representation.

  • Healthier Kosovo

    Kosovo institutions achieve more effective governance in environment and health through inclusive, evidence-based planning, implementation and monitoring of air pollution impacts on health. More people adopt behaviors that are healthy and that increase resilience to potential threats from environmental pollution.

  • Disaster Resilience Initiative Support for Kosovo (D-RISK)

    Both legislative and technical capacities will be developed at local and central levels while various awareness-raising and training activities will be organized to enhance capacities of women to prepare for and respond to disasters. The project will ultimately contribute to strengthened disaster resilience in Kosovo

  • Kosovo Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative: COMPLETED

    Kosovo’s economy, population, and environment are moderately exposed and highly vulnerable to natural hazards. Climate change is expected to amplify exposure to meteorological hazards. The objective of this project (2013-2015) is to reduce disaster and climate risks in Kosovo and thus contribute to the attainment of country development strategies and the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Support for Low Emission Development in Kosovo

    The project aims to support the Government of Kosovo to mainstream climate change concerns into sectoral and overall Kosovo’s development priorities.

Gender Equality

  • Enhancing Women's participation: COMPLETED

    The project is a joint initiative of UNDP, UN Women and EU to ensure greater participation of women in peace building and post-conflict planning and supporting efforts to ensure the implementation of commitments on women, peace and security with a particular focus on ensuring greater participation and leadership of women in peace building and post-conflict recovery.

Human Development

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2017

    The overall objective of this Kosovo Human Development Report is to analyze the existing datasets in the fields of: 1. Agricultural Education and Training; 2. Sustainable Agricultural Productivity for food, income and employment; 3. Rural infrastructure, and 4. Special features of life in rural areas (demographics, education, income, employment, types of farming and production). The KHDR 2017 will thoroughly analyze agriculture and rural development from a holistic and inclusive perspective.

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