Sustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/š Municipality

Project Summary

Dragash highlands

The project improved livelihoods of the local people through   protection of natural resources;  promoting local resources;  improving capacities of farmers and producers;  improving energy efficiency; and good governance and better gender equality.

What we wanted to achieve

To improve livelihoods of the local people in Dragash/š, aiming at sustainable development. It had the following specific objectives:
• protection of natural resources and biodiversity;
• promotion of local resources and competitive advantages;
• improved capacities of farmers and producers to reach markets and improve quality of their products;
• improved energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources;
• good governance and better gender equality in the municipality.


• The Municipal Development Plan, including strategies for settlements, roads and infrastructure, forestry, health, education, biodiversity and nature protection, agriculture, cultural heritage & tourism, economic development, human resources development, water and waste water, waste management and energy;
• Completed sustainable development Atlas for the Sharr/Šar national park (mapping resources, forestry, biodiversity, potential for tourism);
• Management plan for the Sharr/Šar National Park;
• Employment opportunities and support for local SME’s in Dragash/š (Ecoprofit training, recycling business opportunities);
• Projects to support local farmers in quality control and certification of their products, market outreach, energy efficiency etc.;
• Several pilot projects to develop energy efficiency, waste management and water management.

Donor Information

Government of Finland 4,037,685USD


Year Amount
Project Duration
November 2010 – November 2013
Geographic Coverage
Municipality of Dragash/š
Municipal institutions in Dragash/š, People living in Dragash/š municipality
Dragash/š municipality, Sharr/ Šar National Park Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Privatization Agency of Kosovo.
Dragash Hiking Guide
Dragash Hiking Guide

he southernmost municipality of Kosovo, Dragash/Dragaš is an oasis of untouched natural beauty and traditional villages sandwiched between the borders of FYR of Macedonia and Albania.

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