SPECIES - Sustainable Environmental Civil Society Sector

What do we want to achieve?

Empower the civil society in Kosovo at solving local environmental issues with potential regional/global impacts and socio-economic benefits for the communities ensuring gender equality, multicultural/multiethnic representation.


• Capacity of the civil society in Kosovo to influence policy dialogue, implement environment-related projects, and eventually actively participate in global initiatives increased.

• Develop a GEF SGP (Small Grants Programme) Strategy for Kosovo with defined strategic actions and the geographical focus for these actions in more detail and specificity.

• Establish the National Steering Committee,as the decision making body of the SGP

• Strengthen capacities of the local environmental CSOs – including grassroots – and individuals on the key UN Conventions relevant for the SGP (Biodiversity, Climate Change, Persistent Organic Pollutants, and Desertification).

• Develop capacities of the local enviromental CSOs on the GEF Small Grants Programme scheme, philosophy, principles and focal areas

• Enhance capacities of local environmental CSOs to monitor and evaluate environmental impacts and trends through experience-sharing with best implemented SGP in the region.

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