South East Europe Urban Resilience Building Action Network (SEE-Urban)


SEE URBAN is primarily aimed at strengthening the capacity of local authorities and institutions to reduce the risk of elemental disasters and other accidents and risk management in six SEE countries by formalizing local cooperation in the area of risk reduction (at the level of cities and municipalities but Both regionally and cross-border). Accordingly, the SEE URBAN Electronic Library for the Reduction of Natural Disasters and Other Accidents (SEE URBAN DRR Library) will be formed through the project, which will enable the improvement of the knowledge of local experts in this region. In addition, public awareness raising campaigns on local risks will be implemented, which will have positive effects on the wider public, but also on the particularly sensitive socio-economic group. Finally, the establishment of co-operation in the area of risk reduction at the local level will positively impact national platforms for reducing the risk of elemental disasters and other accidents and will lead to networking of local actors in this area at the level of the whole region of South East Europe.

What do we want to achieve

The goal of the SEE URBAN project is to apply and adjust the examples of good practice of uniting local self-government units to reduce the risk of elemental disasters and other accidents in the countries of South East Europe to mitigate the consequences of these events and protect people, the environment and property.

Results Achieved

A local DRR platform modality established, consisted by 4 municipalities. The local DRR network is named “Ripërtërirja nga Fatkeqësitë Drenicë-Llapushë-Dukagjin (RF-D.LL.D)”. DRR capacity of Kosovo local level stakeholders improved through the training workshops and participation at the regional best practice sharing conference, October 2017. DRR knowledge exchange strengthened through Publications/regulations related to DRR in Kosovo, identified and shared in the regional DRR e-library of SEE Urban. Awareness on DRR raised through the informative sessions with local officials of the network municipalities.

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