Kosovo Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative

What do we want to achieve

Avalanche sign UNDP Kosovo

The project will work to strengthen the enabling environment through review of the legal and regulatory framework, towards the elaboration of a National Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Strategy, the establishment of a National Platform for DRR, and capacity development of key staff. The project will also strengthen disaster and climate risk assessment capacities and identify priorities at the national level to inform country disaster risk and climate risk management strategies and programme development. Finally, this project will enhance capacities to better manage disaster and climate risks at the local level. One of the innovative elements of this project will be to promote the use of mobile phone, social media and web2.0 solutions allowing public institutions and citizens to engage more effectively in reducing disaster risks, manage emergencies and develop community resilience.

Expected Results

By 2015, central and local level authorities better address the health, social and economic impact of environmental degradation and climate change in a gender sensitive manner. National policy framework exists that requires plans and activities at all levels. Disaster preparedness and contingency plans function at all levels with regular training drills and rehearsal to test and develop DRR.

Donor Information

Donor Amount
UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery 500,000 USD
Zana Hoxha - Edip
Project Manager zana.hoxha@undp.org
Phone: +381 (0)38 240 010
+ 386 (0) 49 780 138
Focus Area
Environmental Sustainability
Geographic Coverage
Kosovo wide
Emergency Management Agency (EMA)/Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)
Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP)
Office of the Prime Minister/Situation Center (SitCen)
Red Cross of Kosova and other Civil Society Organizations
Local authorities and Communities
Research Institutions
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