Art Gold project in Dragash/š Municipality

Project Summary

The project supported the Municipality  in Integrating the ART (Articulation of Territorial Networks for Human Development) approach and methodology into Municipal planning processes; identified and facilitated the implementing process of Quick Impact Projects; and established decentralized cooperation networks.

What we wanted to achieve

In the Municipality of Dragash/š, the Art (Articulation of Territorial Network for Human Development) project was implemented under the framework of the UNDP Dragash/š Project “Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable land use Management” (CBSLM) and aimed at supporting the Municipality of Dragash/š in:
- Integrating the ART Participatory Planning approach and methodology into Municipal planning processes;
- Identifying and facilitating the implementing process of Quick Impact Projects; and
- Establishing decentralized cooperation networks with international interested partners in developing various types of cooperation, in order to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of Dragash/š citizens.


- Implementation of the Participatory Planning Process with established Municipal Working Group and 10 Local Working Groups form 10 biggest communities of Dragash/š Municipality (Bellobrad /Belobrad, Blaç/ Bljać, Brrut /Brut, Brod /Brod, Shajne /Šajnovce, Kuk /Kukovce, Bresanë/Brodosavce, Rapçë /Rapča, Restelicë/Restelica, Zlipotok /Zlipotok.
- Implementation of 10 Quick Win Projects (rehabilitation of village library; improvement of road infrastructure; construction of school play garden; cleaning of illegal dumpsites and inclusion in waste collection service; and school laboratory equipments, training for woman for factory work, modernization of school environment, improvement of road infrastructure, improvement of water supply system, promotion of agriculture activities to be implemented by the end of the year 2012 at the community level.
- Establishment of Blog page “Connecting communities” for promotion of inter-communities communication and online reporting on community events. See the link:
- Preparation Municipal Guidelines for Decentralized Cooperation

Donor Information

Government of Belgium
195.086 USD


Project Duration
January 2008 -December 2012
Geographic Coverage
Dragash/š Municipality
Municipal administration and leadership 10 Villages (both men and women)
Local institutions, Civil Society Organizations, Private sector, UNDP project in Dragash/š.
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