Environment & Energy

  • Sustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/Dragaš MunicipalitySustainable Land Use Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Dragash/Dragaš MunicipalityApr 10, 2014
    The project is improving livelihoods of the local people through protection of natural resources; promoting local resources; improving capacities of farmers and producers; improving energy efficiency; and good governance and better gender equality.

  • Art GoldArt GoldApr 10, 2014
    The project supports the Municipality in Integrating the ART approach and methodology into Municipal planning processes; identifying and facilitating the implementing process of Quick Impact Projects; and establishing decentralized cooperation networks.

  • Support for the Ministry of Environment ProjectSupport for the Ministry of Environment ProjectApr 17, 2014
    The project is assisting the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) in establishing a solid legal and institutional framework for environmental policymaking in Kosovo, environmental protection, and in addressing the climate change challenges.

  • Support for Low Emission Development in KosovoSupport for Low Emission Development in KosovoFeb 26, 2015
    The project aims to support the Government of Kosovo to mainstream climate change concerns into sectoral and overall Kosovo’s development priorities.

  • Kosovo Disaster Risk Reduction InitiativeKosovo Disaster Risk Reduction InitiativeDec 24, 2014
    Kosovo’s economy, population, and environment are moderately exposed and highly vulnerable to natural hazards. Climate change is expected to amplify exposure to meteorological hazards. The objective of this project (2013-2015) is to reduce disaster and climate risks in Kosovo and thus contribute to the attainment of country development strategies and the Millennium Development Goals.


Environmental degradation is a significant development challenge, as Kosovo institutions have insufficient capacities to deal with environmental problems. In this regard the environment part of the programme will focus on developing capacities to address the impact of environmental degradation and climate change (in a gender-sensitive manner) at both central and local level. UNDP sees as a priority to help Kosovo authorities at central and local levels to improve the management and conservation of natural resources, with gender considerations applied at every stage.

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