Inter-community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation

Project Summary

Inter-community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation

This EU-funded project “Inter-community Dialogue through inclusive Cultural Heritage Preservation” aims to build trust between the communities in Kosovo, through improved inter-community acceptance and respect for the cultural identity and heritage of all Kosovo communities. In particular, cultural heritage is a crucial element of Kosovo’s social reconstruction efforts ensuring a “thread of continuity” that links the post-conflict reality with a pre-conflict “normality” and supporting transition from post-conflict to sustainable development. In Kosovo, where inter-community exchange is limited and the understanding of the other’s heritage is restricted, tangible and intangible cultural heritage protection may serve as an instrument to build inter-community trust. Community cohesion through both tangible and intangible cultural heritage has also value for economic development and creation of employment opportunities, especially for women and young people.

What do we want achieve?

Output 1. Cultural and religious heritage is rehabilitated to promote inter-ethnic dialogue (tangible cultural heritage)

The restoration, rehabilitation and beautification of cultural and religious sites enhances the visibility of monuments and promotes the understanding and acceptance of a community’s heritage. The visual aspect of the works also encourages tourism and therefore contributes to the promotion of cultural heritage of communities. Furthermore, the organization of local restoration camps including youth from different communities, will allow for inter-community exchanges, action and pride in shared cultural heritage.

Output 2. Community engagement on confidence-building through intangible heritage.

Promotion of intangible cultural heritage activities is very important because it is merely the cultural manifestation itself as well as the wealth of knowledge and skills that is transmitted through it from one generation to the next.

Output 3. Capacities to protect and preserve cultural heritage strengthened at the institution and community level.

Focuses on linking the physical protection of religious heritage sites, through improved technical capacities of the KP Unit, with the community-KP interaction. By combining both soft and hard components of confidence-building measures the Actions support the reconciliation between communities and builds trust in institutions.

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