Public Pulse

Project Summary

The project will work on developing the capacities of central and local governance for utilization of research and data for policy-making and accountability.  Specifically, perceptions of citizens on pertinent issues will be highlighted by biannual opinion polls and respective briefs and analysis; these will serve as the bases for dialogue with Kosovo Government line-ministries and institutions in order to develop capacities for an informed decision-making process. 

What do we want to achieve

Projects main objective is to increase the communication between citizens and institutions. Public Pulse Project II, builds upon the first phase of this project (2010-2013) as well as Kosovo Early Warning System project (2001-2010), and will continue to work on research and analysis of important issues and provide the opinions and perceptions of the citizens regarding the performance of Government of Kosovo and other Public Institutions.

The opinion polls, targeted polls and focus groups will provide first hand evidence on the perceptions and opinions of the public on the development issues facing Kosovo. The data from the research will serve for targeted analysis and for developing follow-up actions for addressing specific issues in cooperation with Kosovo authorities. The project will work on and tends to achieve the following output targets: six (6) biannual “Public Pulse” reports, three (3) Action Papers addressing important issues and three (3) Public Pulse Analysis prepared in cooperation with Kosovo institutions. 


Donor Information

Donor Amount
USAID USD 353,908.00
UNDP USD 102,120.00