Parliamentary Development for Social Policies

What do we want to achieve

The project has developed the capacities of the Assembly - MPs, Women and Youth Caucus Groups and administrative staff - to deliver socially-inclusive policies and legislation.


• Research on the monitoring and implementation of the Law on Gender Equality in Kosovo;
• Supported enactment and amendment of many laws related to social inclusion issues.
• Organized, supported and coordinated numerous conferences and round tables in reflection of, among others, Social Inclusion and EU Progress Report.
• Assisted the Assembly of Kosovo in monitoring and assessing their performance through an M&E Framework based on MDG’s and EU social inclusion framework.
• Several Members of Parliament, who work and promote social inclusion issues, have been identified and awarded as ‘Social inclusion Policy Champions’.
• The project has contributed to develop research capacities and mechanisms for the administration of AoK.
• Coordinated AoK MPs participation in study tours and conferences in Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria, enabling the signings of Memorandum of Understandings, capacity development and exchange of experiences.
• Supported the Women Caucus Group to prepare its strategy and action plan, facilitated the Women Caucus participation in iKnow Politics network, developed rules and procedures involving communication and promotion,  involving a monthly gender bulletin in partnership with the Women Caucus Group.
• Enabled the cooperation between the Assembly of Kosovo and civil society, by bringing different NGOs closer to the decision making processes.
• Enabled people with special needs to take part in designing and developing policies and legislation related to their needs.

Donor Information

Donor Amount
UNDP 385,000 USD
Project Duration
Geographic Coverage
Assembly of Kosovo
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Members of Parliament
Civil Society
Marginalized Groups
Women and Youth
Assembly of Kosovo
Civil Society Organisations
Marta K. Gazideda
Governance Portofolio Manager
Phone:+381 38 249 066 Ext. 302

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