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The successful implementation of the programme resides on a strong partnership strategy with Kosovo institutions, civil society and private sector partners, UN agencies and other international organizations.
UNDP’s work to develop and strengthen the capacity of many Kosovan institutions over the last ten years led to strong partnerships that can serve well the development objectives set in this programme. In the implementation of development interventions in the coming years, UNDP will work closely with the Ministry of European Integration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Local Government Administration, the Ministry of Public Administration, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of  ommunities and Returns, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Kosovo Judicial Council, the Agency of Statistics, and other agencies and ministries.
Sustaining and enhancing relations with bilateral donors is a top priority, including Norway, Swiss, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Luxemburg, UK, Finland, as well as the Czech Republic and Turkey. Developing partnerships and collaboration with EULEX, ICO and OSCE in the area of justice and security, with the World Bank and the IMF in the area of economic and employment policy and strategy implementation, and strengthening the dialogue and partnership with ECLO is key for a more strategic and coordinated approach to programming development assistance.


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Resident Coordinator Annual Report
UNDP In Kosovo Development Coordinator Report

The Resident Coordinator Annual Report includes a letter to the Secretary-General summarizing what the team has been working on and highlighting significant achievements, a results table and an annual work plan for the following year.

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