About UNDP in Kosovo

Since 1999, the United Nations Development Programme has earned a strong reputation as an independent and experienced partner in the effort to rebuild Kosovo. After the initial period of post-conflict reconstruction, it has helped establish and develop local institutions. Kosovo is now on a new phase of development. The international community is scaling down its presence, and local authorities are taking on the responsbilities for leading development process and managing European integration. However, Kosovo faces a daunting task in coping with some of the taughest economic and social conditions. The UNDP is ideally placed to help the Kosovan people and institutions in overcoming these challenges. Our support comes in numerous forms and uses experience gained from developing economies around the world.

What do we want to accomplish?


The primary and overarching objective of the United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo is the eradication of poverty in the context of sustainable development, including the pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals, and promotion of United Nations fundamental principles. The core dimension in our approach is investing in human development, wealth creation (with emphasis on issues such as entrepreneurship, job creation), institutional reform, and capacity development. The empowerment of women is key to all development initiatives meaning that gender equality is a core part of all policy strategies.

The MDG agenda and the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of development include many development activities from democratic governance, economic and social reforms, conflict prevention, social justice, promotion of access to public services, the environment and sustainable management of natural resources, pro-poor economic growth, trade development, gender equality, and social inclusion. The United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo addresses these challenges and helps through three practice areas: Democratic Governance, Inclusive Growth and Environmental Sustainability.

What are our results?


In Kosovo, during the initial post-conflict reconstruction (1999-2002), UNDP has been largely engaged in emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation, providing assistance to the housing sector, quick employment generation (including the highly successful Village Employment and Rehabilitation Programme that provided over 20,000 short-term jobs funded by European Agency for Reconstruction), electrification, TV and radio, community development and municipal administrations.

Since 2002, we started to focus on longer-term development challenges, helping to establish, develop, and strengthen Kosovo institutions, promote economic growth, enhance people’s everyday security and improve environmental sustainability. Since the office establishment on 1 August 1999, UNDP Kosovo delivered over 200 million USD in assistance to Kosovo society.


Who are the decision makers?

Mr. Andrew Russell
UN Development Coordinator

Ms. Alessandra Roccasalvo
Deputy Resident Representative

Ms. Valbona Bogujevci

Programme Coordinator

Mr. Shpend Selimi
Operations Manager

How many are we?

Contract Type


Service Contract


UN Volunteers


UNDP Staff




Our Consultants

List of all current consultants (SCs, SSAs) who will receive $30,000 or more from the CO over a 12 month period.  For each consultant, the total amount of compensation and/or compensation rate should be included.

Project Title

Consultant Name

Value (US$)

Public Administration Reform

Consultant 1


Public Administration Reform

Consultant 2


Public Administration Reform

Consultant 3


Public Administration Reform

Consultant 4


Public Administration Reform

Consultant 5


Conservation of  Biodiversity and Sustainable Land use Management

Consultant 6


Conservation of  Biodiversity and Sustainable Land use Management

Consultant 7


Conservation of  Biodiversity and Sustainable Land use Management

Consultant 8


Conservation of  Biodiversity and Sustainable Land use Management

Consultant 9


Conservation of  Biodiversity and Sustainable Land use Management

Consultant 10


Support MESP for Environment and Climate Change

Consultant 11


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