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  • MDG After 2015, efforts to achieve a world of prosperity, equity, freedom, dignity and peace will continue unabated. The UN is working with governments, civil society and other partners to build on the momentum generated by the MDGs and carry on with an ambitious post-2015 development agenda.Learn more
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Latest MDG Reports
MDG Report 3

The third MDG report aims to follow up on initial benchmarks and provides relevant information as to where Kosovo* stands against the commitment to achieve the MDGs by 2015.

MDG Report 2

The second MDG report, assesses the work done so far in achieving the MDGs in Kosovo*. In addition to the eight MDGs, this report has also taken into consideration and identified a 9th goal, dealing with Good Governance, as a prerequisite to achieving the eight global MDGs.

MDG Report 1

This report establishes a baseline for Kosovo* in regard to the global MDG targets. Since new sources of data are emerging all the time in Kosovo's ever-changing environment, this baseline is drawn from the most reliable data in the post-conflict period, relying only on sources up to 2003.


*All references to Kosovo in these publications are made in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).

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