MDG Report 2

18 Dec 2007
MDG report 2

The present document, the second MDG report, assesses the work done so far in achieving the MDGs in Kosovo. In addition to the eight MDGs, this report has also taken into consideration and identified a 9th goal, dealing with Good Governance, as a prerequisite to achieving the eight global MDGs. The prime purpose of the 2nd MDG Report for Kosovo is to tailor targets and adjust the indicators reflective of the reality of Kosovo, to validate the matrix of targets and indicators by discussion with stakeholders, and to initiate the capacity-building efforts to undertake the process of localizing the MDGs.
It also aims to increase awareness of the MDGs among stakeholders in Kosovo and to encourage the government to adopt and formally adhere to the Millennium Declaration.  Inclusion of the MDG agenda into government documents and priorities would in turn attract the interest of the international community and donor countries since they are increasingly using the MDGs as a platform on which to base their development assistance. The present report is expected to contribute towards a better responsiveness of donor countries and organizations towards the set Kosovo priorities.