Kosovo Human Development Report 2010

16 Mar 2011
Kosovo Human Development Report 2010

Social Inclusion - seeks to define and explore the concept of social inclusion as it applies to Kosovo’s socio-economic balance. It analyzes how exclusive policies and practices affect  the economic sphere, both in terms of access to means of income and access to life’s critical necessities. It examines exclusion as it affects Kosovans reaching for education and a basic standard of health. Finally, it looks at how gaps in these sectors are influencing public trust and eroding participation in Kosovo’s hard-won democratic process. The report analysis is based largely on a survey of the perceptions of more than 6,400 respondents entitled Kosovo Mosaic Survey: “Public Services and Local Authorities in Focus”, published by UNDP in 2009. It also synthesizes the findings of a wide range of other reports and surveys, as well as the more limited data available from Kosovo’s institutions and Statistical Office.

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