Human Development

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2014Kosovo Human Development Report 2014Sep 30, 2014
    This eighth Kosovo Human Development Report tackles the challenging linkages between migration and human development. The report analyses the impact of migration on demography, economy, social inclusion, education, health and public participation.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2012Kosovo Human Development Report 2012May 14, 2012
    To the average Kosovan family, decent work means more nutritious food on the table, a better house to live in, better health and more freedoms.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2010Kosovo Human Development Report 2010Mar 16, 2011
    It examines exclusion as it affects Kosovans reaching for education and a basic standard of health. Finally, it looks at how gaps in these sectors are influencing public trust and eroding participation in Kosovo’s hard-won democratic process.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2008Kosovo Human Development Report 2008Apr 30, 2009
    After a close look at what “civil society” and what “development,” mean, the report goes on to explore the history of civil society in Kosovo, its legal context, and ways it can influence public policy.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2007Kosovo Human Development Report 2007Apr 30, 2008
    This report presents the first study undertaken on the impacts of energy on human development in Kosovo. The key objective of the report is to contribute inputs to future policy and management decision-making in the energy sector that will support economically, socially and environmentally sustainable energy development in Kosovo.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2006Kosovo Human Development Report 2006Apr 18, 2007
    The report analyses problems and opportunities from a human development standpoint. It seeks to achieve that goal by examining the role of youth in the development processes in Kosovo.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2004Kosovo Human Development Report 2004Sep 16, 2004
    The report provides a wealth of data explaining the patterns of development in Kosovo and how the gains and losses of recent years have affected different regions and different ethnic, demographic and even age groups.

  • Kosovo Human Development Report 2002Kosovo Human Development Report 2002Jun 28, 2002
    This first Kosovo Human Development Report joins this global stable of targeted Human Development Reports and applies the human development conceptual framework to the unique situation of Kosovo for the first time.


To date, UNDP Kosovo has published eight national Human Development Reports. As human development practitioners consider the crowdsourcing method as a unique opportunity for citizens to collaborate to make their country a better place to live, UNDP Kosovo adopted the ‘crowdsourcing’ method to determine the topics of its upcoming HDRs. Currently, UNDP Kosovo is working on the ninth report that will discuss public health, one of the most voted topics. The KHDR on public health and human development will thoroughly analyze the current public health system from a holistic and inclusive perspective. Having done this, it will identify the main obstacles to providing Kosovans with the public health needed as per today’s standards in the region.