Dragash Hiking Guide

21 Sep 2011
Hiking through Dragash/š Municipality highlands

The southernmost municipality of Kosovo, Dragash/Dragaš is an oasis of untouched natural beauty and traditional villages sandwiched between the borders of FYR of Macedonia and Albania. Largely ignored by the Yugoslavian Government, the area never received development money for tourism despite its wealth of flora, fauna and cultural traditions. Luckily, this also spared the region the communist era concrete hotels and restaurants that mar similar regions in Kosovo. Unbelievably, over a decade after the NATO bombs ceased, the region is still relatively unknown as persistent rumors of crumbling roads and violent Sharr/Šar dogs have conspired to keep the area isolated mentally if not physically.
The undeveloped mountain range of the Sharr/Šar Mountains is an ideal location for countless outdoor adventures, family excursions and a taste of traditional Kosovo where life marches to
the traditional rhythms of nature. Old trade routes to FYR of Macedonia and Albania, still used by local farmers for sheepherding and transporting crops, are easily accessible. The area boasts a wide range of hiking skill levels between basic day hiking and advanced trekking for the more experienced adventurer. You can spend an afternoon hiking, collecting edible mushrooms, horseback riding, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and or just relaxing in idyllic picnic areas by crystal clear cool mountain rivers.

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