Anti-Corruption Manuals for Teachers and Students, Grade 6

27 Feb 2018
 Anti-Corruption Manuals for Teachers and Students, Grade 6

UNDP SAEK II and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, yesterday launched the Anti-Corruption Manuals for Teachers and Students, Grade 6. The activity derives from the main findings and recommendations of the UNDP SAEK Report on the Corruption Risks in the Edication Sector conducted in 2015. Based on these findings and recommendations, an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Education to initially develop anti-corruption topics which would be included in the existing curricula. In consultation with the Ministry and teachers, three subjects were selected, considering the nature of the courses: history, civic education and language. Anti-corruption manuals for teachers and students include tips and advices for teachers on how to include the anti-corruption topics while teaching the above-mentioned course, and learning tips for students. The activity will be implemented only in the pilot schools which are already implementing the new education curricula. Based on available funding and resources, the Ministry of Education will explore opportunities to expand the activity to other Municipalities, including non-majority municipalities, within the competence of the Ministry of Education.

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