InTerDev 2 launches in southern Kosovo

Austrian Development Agency and UNDP continue to help Kosovars get new jobs and improve lives

Town of Lipjan/Lipljan, a model for cultural diversity

The restoration and rehabilitation of works in four cultural heritage sites, funded by the EU office in Kosovo and implemented by UNDP’s “Confidence Building through Cultural Protection” project were inaugurated in the Municipality of Lipjan/Lipljan

Fostering Employment Oportunities

The programme gave more than 130 recent university graduates the opportunity to carry out a two month internships in various private sector companies throughout Kosovo

Transitional Justice Project Completes its Three Year Work

United Nations Kosovo Team hosted a conference titled Transitional Justice and Dealing with the Past - Lessons Learned and Ideas for the Future which was the closing event of the three-year project Support to Transitional Justice in Kosovo

Increasing the Efficiency of Basic Courts

The Support to the Strengthening the Rule of Law provided technical support to each of the seven courts equipping them with laptops, projectors and portable printers

UNDP Launches Public Pulse 12

Public Pulse -XII- covers the April - October 2016 period, and follows the tradition of previous reports by examining the evolving situation in Kosovo. In addition to usual key indicators measured by the Poll, this edition also presents insights into the perceptions of citizens on importance, use, knowledge and expectations of visa liberalization, as well as well as how the freedom of movement would impact the lives of Kosovans.

UNDP and MPA launch the E-box to measure citizens’ satisfaction

Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo launched a project for electronic system for measuring citizens’ perception on administrative services

2016 in Review: Sustainable Development Programme in Kosovo

7000 Kosovans now have a better livelihood. We know from years of experience that a job provides more than just income.

Reading a book together to build more inclusive communities

International Volunteer Day 2016: Praising and empowering volunteers in Kosovo.

EU and UNDP restore Cultural Heritage sites in Kamenicë/a

Kamenicë/a – December 1. 2016 In the presence of the highest level European Union, United Nations Development Programme, municipal officials, and religious leaders, more than 200 guests, many of them citizens of Kamenica, marked the completion of cultural heritage restoration and rehabilitation works implemented by...

Confidence building through cultural heritage protection in Kosovo

Confidence Building through Cultural protection in Kosovo is an EU funded project focused on renovation, beautification and rehabilitation of cultural and religious heritage sites in Kosovo.

Healthy Kosovo - #ecokosovo

On 25 September, 2015, the world has begun a new journey for achieving a more sustainable world with the new Global Goals, a set of 17 goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. As part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, one of the important aspects of the new Global...

Regional Human Development Report 2016

The new regional Human Development Report titled “Progress at Risk” shows that women, migrant workers, youths and ethnic minorities such as the Roma are particularly at risk of falling behind

Corruption remains one of the most significant problems in Kosovo

The present Public Pulse on Corruption, focuses its analysis on perceptions of citizens of Kosovo on the prevalence of corruption, with particular emphasis on Kosovo public institutions on both central and local level

The Highlights and Usefulness of UNDP's Mosaic 2015 Report

The KMS 2015 report gauges the perceptions and opinions of more than 6,700 citizens on public services ranging from management of primary and secondary schools, all the way to public sidewalks, sanitation and hygiene

Teaching Girls in Kosovo to Code

Blerta and Zana founded Girls Coding Kosova (GCK), an NGO dedicated to empowering and training women and girls in coding and programming. GCK immediately resonated with Kosovan women

Making Kosovo safer one destroyed weapon at a time

Kosovo institutions and UNDP marked the international day for weapons destruction by melting 2382 small and light confiscated weapons

Skills, Skills & Skills: the recipe for a more prosperous life in south Kosovo

With roughly 2 out of 3 young Kosovars in the labour force not having a job, marketable skills are something young Kosovars, particularly in rural areas, are in rather short supply

The New Entrepreneurs of Kosovo

Kosovo now has 43 proud new entrepreneurs who themselves hire more people to grow their start-ups

Gender, Instrumental in Addressing Climate Change and Disaster Risks

UNDP Kosovo supports the capacity development of the central and local level gender focal points in disaster management and disaster risk reduction and contribute to the gender mainstreaming in disaster risk reduction and climate change

Humans of Kosovo - Mimoza Kusari-Lila

Mimoza Kusari-Lila, the only woman Mayor in Kosovo tells her life in two minutes

Awakening the spirit of innovation for Kosovo’s youth

The BONEVET (“Do it Yourself”) is a non-profit community center dedicated to empowering and training Kosovo’s youth in programming, coding, manufacturing, and woodworking

The Long Road to Prosperity

Arriving in Kosovo in October 2013, I felt inspired by Kosovo’s youthful spirit and potential, while fully aware of its difficult past and complexities. It has now been more than two years and I continue to be surprised every day. - Andrew Russell

Professions Have No Gender

Watch children in Kosovo decide what they want to be when they grow up

Kosovo Human Development Animation
Kosovo Human Development Animation

The UNDP Kosovo animation video "What is human development?" explains and promotes sustainable human development which means the creation of the same opportunities for a life with dignity for all people and next generations.